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The infested areas are the hills and the areas near the Carpathic mountains, and fascioliasis mrs fields of Transilvania 4reason for what the infestion intensivity study at bovines is a real interest.

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The goal of this study was the making fascioliasis mrs experimental research of infestation intensivity with Fasciola hepatica of the bovines from areas Bistrita-Nasaud, by Fascioliasis mrs method. From those 45 harvested samples, 29 samples were positive for Fasciola spp.

Keywords: Fasciola sp.

Introduction Fasciolosis is a disease due to trematod, Fasciola hepatica, parasite in bile ducts fascioliasis mrs species of herbivores. In Romania is evolving species of Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica.

fascioliasis mrs

Researchers consider that not exists in our Europa, Olteanu Gh. In bovine fasciolosis usually evolves chronically or subclinical, latent with repercussions on productive indices 4.

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Owing to the difficulty of early diagnosis and nonspecific fascioliasis mrs signs, imunodiagnosis has become increasingly used in all countries because is not affected the life of definitive host and the possibility of examining a large number of samples in a short time and accuracy of diagnosis. Among these methods, detected of parasite antigens in faeces has become an alternative applied successfully 7.

fascioliasis mrs

In immunology ELISA tests are used to detect substances that have antigenic properties, and generally have a high sensitivity and specificity. Infestation with Fasciola spp, can be demonstrated with weeks earlier in case of ELISA test, than the coproparasitological methods used 1,2.

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The main desire is to accurately detect infestations with Fasciola spp in bovine. The diagnosis has major role in early detection of infestations, in the treatment before clinical manifestations of disease fascioliasis mrs before registration of economic loss, as well as in epidemiological studies for the proper execution of control programs.

The remaining 41 animals were derived from bovine species, aged from 5 to 8 years, of which 23 were positive in ELISA test.

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Diagnosis is worthless in acute fasciolosis and in the first phase of chronic fasciosis. Parasitic infestation of the definitive host GD can be detected through coproscopic method only after 12 weeks after infestation.

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It was found that the coproscopic diagnostic sensitivity is Diagnosis by examination of bile samples revealed a sensitivity of ELISA diagnostic sensitivity fascioliasis mrs estimated fascioliasis mrs The results show that fascioliasis mrs fasciolozei prevalence is higher than expected, because of the low rate of diagnosis through coproscopic method.

Infestation with Fasciola spp, may be a weeks earlier demonstrated than the coproparasitological methods used.

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Among these methods, detection of serum antibodies against Fasciola became alternative successfully applied.