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The scaffolds were implanted in the femur bone defects of 6 White Californian male rabbits: three animals were implanted with 0. The bone fragments and scaffolds harvested at 2, 4 and 6 months were histologically analyzed using conventional light microscopy LM and scanning electron microscopy SEM for the qualitative evaluation of the bone tissue formed in contact with the scaffold.

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LM revealed that the compact bone formed in the proximity of nano-HapSi-coated scaffolds human hpv symptoms on mouth symptoms in mouth better organized than spongy bone associated with unmodified scaffolds. Human papillomavirus symptoms in mouth, Ti scaffolds with meshes of 0.

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SEM images at 6 months revealed that the bone developed not only in contact with the scaffolds, but also proliferated inside the meshes. Nano-HapSi-coated Ti implants with 0.

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Ti scaffolds osseointegration depended on the mesh size and the surface properties. Due to the biocompatibility and favorable osseointegration in bone defects, nano-HapSi-coated Ti scaffolds could be useful for anatomical reconstructions.

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