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Trabzon used to be called Trapezius. The first indications for the history of the city date back to the sixth century BC, when traders from Milete, operating from Sinope, founded an extra support point.

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A large proportion of the population at that time came from Trapezos in Arcadia. The Romans conquered in the first century BC. Emperor Hadrian had the city enlarged, including the building of a new harbour.

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After the sack of Constantinople by the crusaders intwo grandsons of the emperor Andronicus I Comnenus had escaped and founded an independent offshoot of the Byzantine Empire at Trapezus, with Prince Alexius Comnenus as emperor. So one might state this is the city where the Roman empire finally came to an end.

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Modern Trabzon retains much of its medieval aspect. Monuments include most of the city walls, a part of the palace of the Grand Comneni, and several Byzantine churches preserved as mosques.

Among the churches the best preserved and most remarkable is the church Aya Sofya Hagia Sophianow used as a museum, which overlooks the sea just west of the city centre.

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The church is a domed basilica with superb 13th-century wall paintings that were revealed and cleaned during I consider this to be one of the most interesting cities along Black Sea coast. İmparator Hadrian şehri genişletti ve yeni bir liman yaptırdı.

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